“A home should tell a story about the people who live there.”

– Angela Bonfante

The team at Angela Bonfante Kitchen Designs is driven by the philosophy that every family deserves a space where they can gather and create memories. Angela Bonfante launched her business inspired by her own memories of growing up in a large Italian family, where sharing stories and meals around the kitchen table was a way of life.

This love of family brought Angela directly into the heart of the home in her design business.
We make it the goal of each project to truly understand the heart and soul of each of our clients so the home can become a reflection of the family who lives there. Every family is unique and different, and here at Angela Bonfante Kitchen Designs, we celebrate those differences by helping to design and build a space that brings every family together.




At Angela Bonfante Kitchen Designs, we believe in four main steps for great design. When these steps are combined, we are able to create an extraordinary space for our clients to make memories and call home.


A few classic foundation pieces provide for versatility over the years. Accessories, paint colors, and accent pieces can easily freshen up a space.


Texture creates interest, adding tactile elements that appeal to the senses.  When using a neutral color palette, texture is key.


Complimentary color schemes bring harmony to a space and juxtaposition of color creates a dramatic room.


The rule of thirds is a common artistic and mathmatical principal that adds substantial interest to any visual space.