We are all living in a new world. Children are homeschooled by parents. Everyone works from home. “Social distancing” is our new vocabulary. Connecting for happy hour with our friends via the internet is not considered drinking alone:). Meeting with clients and coworkers over Zoom is a joyous part of our day.

Now that we have grown acclimated to our “new normal” creative juices are flowing.  Staring at my walls and cleaning my house, THOROUGHLY, over and over again….I started wanting to change things, paint, move furniture around, redo some built ins, change the tile in a bathroom….then I thought…I bet everyone is thinking the same things.

Everyone is taking notice of projects around the house that need to get done. In fact, I believe when we are permitted to resume our lives, there will be a huge boom in home projects. Turns out I am on to something.


After a couple of weeks of acclimation, prospective clients started reaching out. People asking to get on my calendar to start their projects once we can meet in person again. And current clients wanted to continue working on their projects, at a distance.

Zoom meetings started happening. Interior Design through Zoom started happening.

We were serving our customers again and it felt great!

I thought this is what the world needs right now – hope and plans for the future. We need hope and we need to plan for our future – especially in uncertain times. Why not take advantage of this time when we have a little more flexibility to do just that?


DESIGN AT A DISTANCE was born. Angela Bonfante Kitchen Designs is now offering, design that can be done from anywhere, anytime.

How does it work? We work as a team. We ZOOM and we get things done just like we do in person. We ask you critical questions regarding your design. We take a look inside your home. We talk about your dreams and vision.

We work from both architectural plans and measurements that we teach you how to take.

Most of all we are thrilled to be able to offer this new service because we miss serving our clients and seeing you all get excited about your projects.


This if for anyone who is thinking about remodeling their kitchen or bathroom, planning a whole house renovation, working on a custom design for a new home, or needs a new furniture plan and new furniture.


Give us a call so we can chat. There is no charge for our first Zoom meeting!

Let’s start designing something beautiful just for you!



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