“Angela provided design ideas for a total kitchen remodel, created the specific floor plan, ordered the cabinet designs we chose, helped select sink, hardware, tile and granite. She arranged for the construction team selection by getting bids and having me meet them, brought in the floor layer for a meeting and assisted with all 5 appliance selections. She also gave me additional design ideas for the rest of the rooms adjoining the kitchen, which included; ceiling beams, lighting, fireplace surround, hearth, furniture, TV placement along with other things. We are still working on the project and each step has been handled wonderfully. Angela is excellent!”


“I love working with Angela. She is extremely responsive and easy to work with. She really pays attention to what I like and think I want, but is able to take that and re-frame it and shape it into something I never would have thought of on my own but absolutely love! I would recommend Angela to anyone who wants a fabulous and functional kitchen.”


“It has been a pleasure working with Angela on this project. I definitely trust her and her product.”


“Angie and Danica were absolutely amazing and so perfect for our renovation. They kept us on time and on budget throughout the process.”


Kate Wannemacher                                                                     

"When I started working with Angela I was not getting the types of Interior Design jobs that I
needed for my business to be successful. I was struggling to support myself financially and I
knew something needed to change. I did not have an understanding of who I was and,
therefore, who my company was. I did not have a clear vision of what I offered that made my
business unique, how to market my business effectively, and how to charge appropriately for
my services. I was struggling with confidence in my abilities as a designer and business
owner. I felt like I was floating without a clear direction.
Angela led me through a process over the course of several months that allowed me to
overcome my fears and clearly illuminate the direction for my business based on who I am as
a person and designer and based on the goals I have for my life. We worked through growth
strategies and what a mindset for success looks like. I have a new found confidence in my
abilities as a designer and business owner and I can now enjoy my life as a result. She is truly
"The Life Designer”.
Other coaches I looked at offered programs that did not seem to offer realistic sustainability
over time. Angela offered systems, ideas, and unique approaches that have been sustainable
and have proven their effectiveness through the substantial growth I have seen in my
business. She offered marketing, branding, thought processes, direction, and resources. I
just signed the largest job I have ever gotten as a result of Angela's coaching!
I highly recommend Angela Bonfante to anyone who is looking to grow their business through
a realistic and sustainable process. She is not only a coach but an amazing marketer and
strategic thinker. She truly cares about her clients and shows it by serving them through
thoughtful, customized programs that lead to personal and professional growth and success.
Thank you Angela!"

Oct, 2017


"Angela did a nice job of listening to our preferences and designing a solution to fulfill our needs. She was friendly and knowledgeable. We are extremely happy with the finished results."

Dec, 2014

Alana Haberman                                                              

"We loved working with Angela Bonfante Kitchen Designs. This was our first remodel in the 28 years in this house. Angela listened to all of our ideas and created a kitchen beyond our expectations. She connected us with a great contractor and they managed every aspect of the remodel. It was a great experience. It's like having a new home!"

Apr, 2016


"We enjoyed working with Angela on our project. She listened to our ideas and helped our desires be realized. When we were faced with design challenges she was never stumped but provided good, workable alternatives."

Mar, 2012

Jason Dorsey                                                                                                                           

"We are a real estate developer in Ohio and when we met Angela we quickly had the same ideas when it came to the renovation of our Downtown Lofts. She has a wonderful vision and works well under a deadline as well as being able to relate to many different personalities. She always kept our budget in mind and was spot on in her design choices. She will continue to work with our clients as we move forward in the development and growth of our company."


Check out more of this collaboration here

Apr, 2015


"Angela Bonfante and I met at the small home and garden show in Columbus, Ohio. I loved her portfolio and our personalities hit it off right away. I was researching remodeling my kitchen in my 25 year old home. By living there that number of years I knew the shortcomings of my eat in kitchen. There wasn't enough storage space and of course It needed an update. I had only 2 drawers in the entire kitchen, a tall but narrow utility closet I converted to a pantry, limited counter space, and a double sink facing... read more

Apr, 2012


"The kitchen was gutted and started over, including adding a wall extension to hold the new double ovens. The utility area was moved into a closet from the basement, and received new cabintes and counter tops.

This was a very professional job, done with knowledge and humor! The sub contractors were here when they said they would be and always cleaned up after the work was done for the day. I have a very small space and they were able to make the most of every inch."

Feb, 2012

Colette Rost                                                                   

"I'm thrilled to be able to write about Angela.....even though our beautiful kitchen was completed 3 years ago....it has "held up" well and we still LOVE it. Angela was wonderful about listening to what we wanted and helping to make it happen. I've now contacted her to help with an upstairs guest bath remodel to include a laundry area. It's so much fun to work with her and I know that our remodel will be exactly what we want!!"

Oct, 2016

Pam James                                                                        

"We loved working with Angela. Our first visit, she listened to exactly what we wanted to do in our kitchen and what concerns we currently had with the existing cabinets and layout. She is so energetic and enthusiastic about your project. We love our new kitchen. At least once a week, my husband will make the comment, " Have I told you how much I like our new kitchen?". My husband is a tall guy. With the adjustments Angie made to the island, we can both be in the kitchen and not get in each other's way."

Apr, 2012

Windsor Cabinet Company                                             

"Angela Bonfante has an exquisite eye for style and function, blending the two tasks together with incredible results. She is a very hard worker, and a great listener! Angela has the intuitive touch needed to interact with our clients giving them confidence in the project, and giving us clear direction in providing the product required. Angela completely understands the various aspects of remodeling and give the client the best advice based on their needs.I look forward to many continued projects with Angela Angela earns 5-Stars all day long!"

June, 2015