When customers first reach out to Angela Bonfante Kitchen Designs, they often ask me if they should remodel their kitchen or consider moving. This question comes about frequently, I believe, due to the ever increasing costs of remodeling. It is a good one.

There are 3 good reasons to remodel your kitchen versus selling your home.

Number One…Kitchens are  the heart of the home. It is the place where families gather, meals are prepared, and memories are made. The kitchen is the single most important room in your home because it is the hub if family life. It is where your children gather around the table to have a snack after school and do their homework. It is where cookies are baked for school functions and it is where all gather during the holidays. The heart of the home needs to function well and be aesthetically pleasing because most families spend a lot of time enjoying the space.

Number Two…Kitchens sell homes. According to Trulia.com, kitchens and master baths are the rooms that need to shine when you sell your home. According to Trulia.com, “A well-appointed kitchen will dramatically increase the value of your home, so it’s worth spicing up yours to grab buyer attention.” Even if you don’t plan to sell today, when you do sell your home a well designed, timeless kitchen will work to get you the most you can get out of your home. In the mean time, you can enjoy the space and make memories while you live there.

Number Three.. You Love Your Location. When you love your location and your home is dated, perhaps it is time to consider updating the home and staying put. The kitchen is the best investment in terms of increasing a home’s value. It can be an expensive investment until you consider the costs of moving, the stress of moving,  and the fact that it may be difficult to find exactly what you are looking for in another home. Most houses on the market also require some remodeling if they are over 10 years old. Making your home beautiful and functional can increase it’s value and your enjoyment of the space. You won’t be paying realtors, you will instead be investing in the home you love with the same money and without the stress of moving.

Redesigning a kitchen can bring so much value to a home and so much joy to a family. It is a worthwhile endeavor and you will have it exactly the way you want it.