Kitchens are truly the heart of the home and kitchen remodels are one of the most expensive projects a homeowner may undertake. Kitchen Design Trends for Remodeling Kitchens 2023 are important when considering a remodel. Kitchen remodeling is costing in the neighborhood of $80,000 to upwards of $100,00 these days. It is very important to love the space you will be living in once the remodeling is completed and kitchen design is critical to the function and look of the space.

The trend for kitchen cabinets has completely changed over the past 2 years. The trends are demonstrating a shift from the all white kitchens, which dominated the internet over the past several years, and are trending towards stained woods, warmer versions of white, and bold colors such as green and blue.

The single most requested for kitchens today, however,  is darker stained cabinetry. Many customers have tired of the starkness of the all white kitchen, instead they want warmth. They want to feel invited in for a cup of tea or cookie baking with children.

Not only are cabinets trending towards stained, we are leaning into warmer tones overall in kitchen design. This includes quartz countertops that are lighter but yet warm with brown tones integrated into the veining, wall colors that lighten and warm a space and gold tones over silvers for the hardware and light fixtures. Those who were ruined by the brass tones of the 80’s, you know who you are:), are leaning into the polished nickel finishes to give extra warmth yet avoid committing to gold.

Backsplash tile is modern and clean with fewer contrasting focal points over the range. We are utilizing patterns and color that are consistent throughout the backsplash in kitchen design today.

Flooring is often a lighter stained wood or tile with fewer and smaller grout lines.

A professional kitchen designer can help you navigate the thousands of choices out there while advising you on quality and care of the materials you choose. When you design your kitchen you want it to stand the test of time and bring you joy in your home.