Kitchen design trends have taken a sharp turn in 2023. The past several years have seen white kitchens with the farmhouse influence dominating design.  Today homeowners are asking for the interior design of their kitchen to include warmth and timeless style. The change from farmhouse white with rustic wood evolved into warm clean elements that include wood grains and simple lines in kitchen design.

Stained Cabinetry

Stained cabinetry is back and here to stay. The trend for stained cabinetry has come on strong. Homeowners are looking for warmth that only natural wood grains can offer. They want to bring natural elements into their spaces in a new way. The use of light to dark stained cabinetry started popping up in 2021 but has become a permanent presence in 2023. The predominate types of wood are oak and maple. White washed oak adds texture yet gives the room a light airy fee. Maple can be stained to any color with minimal grain pattern for those who prefer less grain yet want the warmth.

Light Oak Cabinets

Modern kitchen design, using wood and open shelves. Light white interior with parquet, table and two accent black bar stools.

Cabinet Door Styles

The shaker door style with a framed flat panel has been the predominate style for a number of years. While that style is still popular, raised panel door styles are making a comeback. Homeowners are looking for more shape to the cabinet doors these days. They want a design that is different than what they have been seeing in kitchen design. They want a door that will stand the test of time yet give a bit more texture to the space. Raised panel doors are typically a square raised panel versus the dated curved top raised panel.

Raised panel cabinets with white marble countertop and solid marble backsplash.

Flat panel cabinet doors have always been part of contemporary kitchen design. We have seen white high gloss and wood laminates predominately in the recent past. The trend now is leaning into the simplicity of the flat door using solid doors stained to enhance the grain of the wood. The most popular colors are espresso and nutmeg. These doors are being used in traditional home settings and the interior design of the homes leaning into mid-century modern and transitional.

Open doors of elegant wardrobe with inner drawer made of dark stained cabinet with modern large pulls.

Color is Back

Color is making a comeback in kitchens. Homeowners are predominately asking for blues and greens that vary from bold and bright to deep and dark. These colors can be found simply on an island  but often include the entire kitchen of cabinets. The colors requested are most often timeless and add a certain flair to the space that speaks of a certain boldness and individuality.

Modern house interior design. Blue kitchen with a gray island.

Expression of personal tastes in interior design is the most important element to ensure  that you love the space you create. Bold color, rich wood tones and clean lines will get you a lovely kitchen design that will stand the test of time.